Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stumble steps

This is it...the start of what I hope is a beautiful friendship with lovers of poetry other than myself. As the weeks, months, centuries unfold I'd like to explore what's sparking you and me. Right now me-wise I've only just discovered the Eels and Mark Everett ...certainly a blast.

Have also with my group the Kurilpa Poets (seven of us) in the past weeks performed our work before about 180 Year 11 kids at a Caboolture school (about 45 min drive north of Brisbane). Got some great feedback - one kid wrote "How do you do this", teachers really positive - so we're aiming to spread the love (of the word) to other schools. Teachers saying most novel for kids to see actual living practitioners of writing  rather than just sit looking at a screen with words....

In terms of writing two projects:
1: Complete novel "A Dirty Rainbow" about a vacuum cleaner salesman trying to
keep his family, and his aging sales van, together while the hire purchase people chase him for payments
2. Pondering next poetry book to do with poems and prose of place - hence title of this blog.

By the way my website address is and details of available books of my work are there.

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